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Australasian Professional Legal Education Council

Meet the 2019 Executive


Ann-Maree David

Immediate Past Chair

College of Law, Brisbane
Email Ann-Maree

Jack Burke

City University Hong Kong

Allan Chay

Queensland University of Technology
Melissa Huish

Melissa Huish

Flinders University
Lynn du Moulin

Lynn du Moulin

ANU Legal Workshop

Lewis Patrick

College of Law, Sydney

APLEC Members

Lynn du Moulin

Bond University, Gold Coast, QLD

Hugh Zillmann

Centre for Legal Studies, Tasmania

Naomi Bryant

City University of Hong Kong

Jack Burke

College of Law, New South Wales

Lewis Patrick, Morton Herschderfer

College of Law, Queensland

Ann-Maree David

College of Law, South Australia

Graham Jobling

College of Law, Victoria

Madeleine Dupuche

College of Law, Western Australia

Michael Cole

College of Law, New Zealand

Sharyn Joe

Flinders University

Melissa Huish

Law Society of South Australia

Desiree Holland

Legal Training Institute, Papua New Guinea

Pauline Mogish

Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Victoria

Elizabeth Loftus, Shirley Southgate

New Zealand Institute of Professional Legal Studies

Bernadette Wilson

Queensland University of Technology

Allan Chay

University of Newcastle, NSW

Shaun McCarthy

University of Technology Sydney

Bronwyn Olliffe

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